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Creating Colby



The stack of home dećor magazines on my nightstand seemed to be growing by the minute…not to mention the pile on the side of the couch, on the front seat of my car, and the pile of my “special ones” that I keep in the back of my closet… because one day I am going to want to look back at these for ideas.  My husband politely turns his head as he rolls his eyes because he knows this is “my passion.”


In our first home, I decorated to what I thought was going to be a style I would always love.  Not only did I have a large amount of space to fill, as many do with a first home, but I was also trying to keep costs down and incorporate many hand-me-down pieces from family members.


After 5 years of living in our beautiful home and fully decorating it, I was secretly ready to change everything… I blame this on the magazines.  That’s what your supposed to do right? Once you finish decorating a home, pick up and move and find another to decorate?


So when the news came that my husband’s job would be relocating us to the Boston area I was sad to leave the house I just decorated…but secretly excited to have a blank slate and start decorating all over again! This also called for a trip to Barnes & Noble’s magazine section!


The adjustment from moving from The Main Line to the suburbs of Boston was rough. What we sold our beautiful 5k square foot home for the price of what would be a “livable knockdown” up here in the Boston ‘burbs.  It was like a knife through my heart…or for better comparison….it was like seeing linoleum floors and Formica counters in the only house you could afford.


First, how was I going to fit all of this furniture from our house into this little 1500 square foot shoebox we are about to call home?  Where was I going to put all of my magazines? Second, this house was almost 75 years old…it was quaint…but it was old, sort of smelly, and covered in lead paint. But I knew I could make this work.  As much as I was nervous about the move, I knew I could make this house a home.  With a little help from Pottery Barn, HomeGoods, and Benjamin Moore (and Starbucks of course!) I would make this place the quintessential New England home.


I just kept reminding myself that we were moving to a great town and it was time to pull up my big girl panties and make this house a home.  So, here I am…creating Colby Road.



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