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Here We Go Again…



We bought this house just about 3 years ago. We knew we wanted to be in Wellesley because of the schools, the charm of the town, and the the distance to Boston for Jay but the shock of the real estate market took some time for us to come to terms with. Trying to get Jay onboard with moving to Wellesley took some of my best persuasion skills. It was a very hard sell… “Don’t you just love this tiny house with led paint, no yard, and no closet space or garage? We will be so happy here!”

We did a power weekend of house hunting. Four days, no kids, a power real estate agent, some reservations at great restaurants in Boston, Red Sox tickets, and a goal of having a house by the end of the weekend. You can see how we prioritize.

After many panic attacks (me), arguments, silent treatment sessions (Jay), and a number of bottles of Malbec (both of us) we finally came to an agreement. We were going to find a house that had the most potential as a “fixer upper”, live there for a year, figure out our stomping grounds in Wellesley, and then flip the house. This would be a real estate investment, a small stepping stone to our “forever home”…easy-peasy! All of my HGTV watching would come to good use…so we thought.

After about six months in this tiny shoebox of a house, we started to talk less and less about flipping the house and moving. We were talking more about how much we loved the neighborhood, this had become our stopping ground.

We knew this house was not going to be functional for our family so we started the journey of exploring the idea of a renovation and addition. We wanted to keep the charm of the house, but we needed something bigger, higher ceilings, more closet space (actually, any closet space would do) and for the love of all things good…a GARAGE! New England is a wonderful place, but the winters are insane! Digging your car out of 10 inches of snow at 6 am is not all cute and preppy like those L.L. Bean catalog photos…Picture5

L.L. Bean Winter 2017 Cover 2nd Runner Up Winner

After meeting with many contractors to discuss plans we realized the harsh reality that renovating a home is really expansive! As Jay came up with the brilliant idea of “we can do this ourselves” that I shot down immediately…like so quickly…like before he even finished the sentence. We noticed the reason a renovation is so costly is because we were changing everything but a 5-foot section of one wall in the house. So the best thing to do was to completely knock down the house and build a new one.

The thought of packing up your home that you just finished unpacking, moving out, finding a new short-term place to live, then packing up again, and unpacking is exhausting. But here we are… packing up again.

Since I have many moves in my portfolio, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite moving tips. My first piece of advice is go through everything you have and clean out the clutter, sell pieces you don’t love and know you will not miss. I am not going all “Marie Kondo” on you…I don’t want you to pick up an ottoman and ask it if it brings you happiness to decide if you should keep it…but think about if you use it, do you really need it and will it fit the space. If not… C’est la vie.

So here are a few of my favorite packing tips…

1. Declutter & Dump
I love this article I read about decluttering. The key is to start early. I have noticed that when I try to rush and do this I end up throwing out things I probably should not have because I felt rushed just to get it done.

10 Creative Ways to Declutter Your Home

This article is another great article when it comes to what to what to dump and what to keep.

2. Organize
I did this method with our last move and it works GREAT! I didn’t have to keep directing the movers where each box went and I could focus on unpacking while they unloaded.

The #1 Moving Tip: Turn Chaos Into Organized Sanity

I love these labels…if you’re going to pack you should at least make it pretty.

Color Coordinated Packing Labels for Your Next Big Move!

3. Hiring Movers

Here is a great article on hiring movers. I’ve heard some nightmares, and lived through a few myself… it is so important to hire good ones, feed them lunch, and tip them well…after all they have your entire life in their hands!



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