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It is so nice to meet you…

I’m Dana, mother of three little gentlemen Matthew (10), Michael (9), & Ben (6), and wife to my biggest fan and supporter, Jay. We moved from The Main Line, the Philadelphia suburbs, where we built our first home in 2008. We spent over 5 years learning the responsibilities of being homeowners. In that time I also discovered the harsh reality that my house would not be fully decorated the way I wanted it overnight. During the five years of making this a home I discovered my passion for organizing, staging, and decorating (in that order), to meet the needs of our growing family.

I am now in the process of decorating our third home and it amazes me how much my taste has changed in décor, how my ideas and priorities have changed with lifestyle, moving to different cities, and most of all having three growing children.

My home is an expression of comfort and individual style. As a mom I want my home to meet all of the needs of my busy life and children, and as a homeowner I want my home to reflect who I am. My goal and passion is to show how to decorate a home to fit lifestyle needs, while keeping an individual sense of style.

I launched this blog as an outlet to share all of my inspirations and ideas for decorating a home with simplicity, style, and trend all while keeping the functionality of the needs of a busy family with three active children.